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Monetize Your Practice with Telehealth.

Physicians are using our solution to acquire new patients while providing 24/7 access to quality care to their current patients.

A partnership to extend your care virtually while earning income to help your practice thrive.

Lifetime Support

Our team provides ongoing support to ensure the success of your virtual care program and to help you scale your services over time.


Our platform operates 24/7 giving you the ability to see patients when it’s most convenient for you.

Enhanced Income

Eliminate or decrease the expense of office overhead fees and costs, and the hassle of insurance. Run your practice on your terms, from anywhere, anytime.

Be part of the mobile health revolution

The global telemedicine market is estimated to grow from $25.53 billion in 2015 to $57.92 billion in 2020. The consumer trend toward mobile/now solutions shows that 62% of American consumers believe that video consultation is as good as in person visits.

How it Works

Monetizing your practice is simple. We have a customized solution to help you communicate with and enroll your patients. Our team helps kickstart the implementation by addressing your business objectives through launch and providing ongoing support to continually grow your practice and provide quality experiences for your patients.

What Our Partners Say

Joshua Wapner | CEO NuLife Institute

“The implementation of EpicMD into the facility was seamless and was exactly what our practice needed. It took a massive burden off our doctors, by providing 24/7 around-the-clock care; Eliminating middle of the night phones calls for acute care with the added bonus of providing care for the entire family. The cost associated with the service - was a "no brainer" for us as it increased patient retention, and patient satisfaction for our entire practice. I would recommend the EpicMD service to any size practice wanting to provide superb after-hours care and elevate the patient experience to a whole new level.”

Key Advantages

  • Turnkey practice virtualization.
  • Zero investment.
  • Residual income in perpetuity.
  • Physician ownership opportunities.

Easily calculate revenue

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What Our Partners Say

Rick Boxer, MD, FACS

“EpicMD offers a unique opportunity for doctors who have seen the enormous advantages of telemedicine. Now, doctors can participate in ownership of a telemedicine product, bring their patients the advantages of 24/7/365 rapid, quality access in a convenient, affordable manner by a colleague who is Board certified. Patients appreciate the concierge service of personal care offered by the new service. Doctors finally are paid for their expertise on call, and time away from the office can be truly free with colleagues you trust caring for your patients.”

Steps to Launch


Identify your business objectives and success metrics to implement a virtual practice.


Organize and prepare for internal implementation while planning to introduce your current patients.


Complete testing and review to ensure that your virtual program meets your needs and is ready for launch.


Begin to virtualize your practice to attract new patients and give added value to your existing patients.

Monetize Your Practice with Telehealth.

Physicians are using our solution to acquire new patients while providing 24/7 access to quality care to their current patients.