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How Does EpicMD Work?

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How It Works

With EpicMD™ you have access to personalized medical support when and where you need it. Our U.S. board-certified doctors will review your medical history, listen to your concerns, and provide the treatment you need. All from the convenience of your device.

1. Register.

Choose the EpicMD™ membership that works best for you.

2. See Your Doctor.

Connect with a doctor in our virtual office to receive the care you need, from anywhere, at anytime.

3. Get A Prescription If Necessary.

When appropriate, have a prescription filled for you to pickup at your preferred pharmacy.

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Our Technology


Our software allows members to connect directly with doctors through private, encrypted, HIPAA compliant video voice and text communications from any smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.


No special hardware is needed for the patient or provider. Everything is operated through our cloud based platform giving you the ability to see a doctor whenever, and wherever you are.

Health records in your pocket

Keep track of your health everywhere you go. After every consultation, the doctor will email you a summary of your consultation and update your electronic health records. You will have 24/7 secure access to your EHR in your member portal.

What Conditions Can I Use EpicMD For?

Epic MD doctors have the ability to diagnose many health issues and address common concerns.

Abdominal pain





Bug bites & stings


Conjunctivitis (pink eye)


Cold, canker & mouth sores

Colitis, enteritis, and gastroenteritis

Cough & croup



Dizziness and giddiness


Genital herpes


Herpes simplex




Minor burns

Minor cuts, blisters & wounds

Otitis (earache)

Rash and other skin eruptions



Sprains and strains

Sore throat & related

Upper respiratory infections

Urinary tract & bladder infection


Our Doctors

At EpicMD, we take every possible step toward ensuring the quality of the care provided through our service. This involves a strict credential verification and review process for the doctors in our network.

Network physicians are:

  • Licensed in their respective states
  • Covered by malpractice insurance
  • Located in the United States

Upon successful completion of the credentialing verification process, physicians must take part in extensive physician training, to master the technical aspects of telehealth and acquire a firm understanding of best treatment practices. Throughout this training process, physicians engage in a wide range of scenario consultations, preparing them for the most common treatments, as well as rare and out of the ordinary situations. New physicians begin taking consultation appointments only when they’ve attained the highest level of proficiency and confidence on the platform.

What makes our service remarkable are the doctors behind it all. Join our network of world-class doctors and grow your network while earning additional income being part of the mobile health revolution.

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Our Members

Real patients and their stories of how EpicMD brought them the care they needed.

“My 4AM visit with the doctor was awesome! My 6 year old son had a bad cough with fever and the doctor called back in 20 minutes. He was very alert being that it was that time in the morning. Thank you for providing great care!”

K.M., California

"I'm a professional singer and had to leave mid-performance because I was violently ill. On my way home, i realized that I couldn't reach my doctor on a holiday weekend, and a Sunday. My only option was the emergency room, but I didn't want to wait for hours and pay the high copay. Thankfully, I remembered EpicMD. I logged into my account and requested a video consultation/ It began within 20 minutes and the doctor diagnosed me with acute sinusitis and bronchitis. She then called in my prescription into my local pharmacy. The experience was so fluid, seamless, and just simple. I'm really grateful for EpicMD to just be in my back pocket when I need it."

Emily T, Florida

"My experience with the doctor was great! He really cared about my well-being and was very helpful. He spent more time with me than my PCP does.”

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