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Your Product, Direct to Your Consumer

Connect and engage patients by using our virtual care platform and engagement tools. Our D2C Solutions are perfect for medical companies and clinical trial organizers such as:

  • Surgery Centers
  • Healthcare Diagnostic Services
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Specialty Pharmacies
  • Specialty, Condition-specific Providers
  • Lifestyle-related Providers
  • Clinical Trials 

A Partnership to Extend Your Reach

EpicMD offers a unique partnership opportunity to help your organization reach the right consumers. Our marketing team and network of quality Board Certified Physicians can help build your patient base effectively by engaging the right consumers who need you.

After waiting 3 days to see my old pediatrician, my sister introduced me to her Dr. Waller at EpicMD. He was able to see me 7 minutes later on-line. He called in the medicine my daughter needed that same evening and was able to fit me in for an in-person follow up the next day. Amazing!!!!

Jessie, GA

Sylvan Waller, MD

Effective Marketing

We design direct to consumer marketing programs that attract and engage patients looking for products and services you offer, transition patients to doctor consultations, and provide follow up care – all while delivering a high level of customer service aligned with your brand or company objectives.

Our partners leverage our resources, including our proprietary on demand platform, our team of marketing experts, and our customer care teams, to boost revenue and achieve business objectives.

Connect With Your Patients

  • Easily incorporate third-party systems and complementary applications.
  • Data and communications fully protected and HIPPA Compliant.
  • Cloud-Based: Secure, scalable, and cost effecient.
  • Seamless integration

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