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More than a Career.
Real skin in the game, real action everyday

Join us in leading the movement that is revolutionizing healthcare. If you are looking for a random boring job this is NOT the place for you. If you came to play for real, welcome home. 


Dear Friends

I am stepping outside my comfort zone here, and posting to everyone in my network because I have something big enough here to potentially mean something to each of you.

For the last 2 years, I have been on a once-in-a-lifetime journey, with some of the smartest people Ive ever worked with, creating EpicMD (www.epic.md), A next generation Virtual Care / Mobile Health platform unlike anything the world has seen before. We are now preparing to launch our transition out of what has been an amazing “Stealthmode” with the reveal or a suite of world-class solutions that together revolutionize healthcare delivery in America.

Now, as we prepare for rock and roll, I am announcing A NATIONWIDE HUNT FOR A-LEVEL TALENT. From Sales to Marketing, from Finance to Software Development, from Call Center Support to Senior Executive Management its time for us to begin the process of getting to know the right people for the right jobs in order to scale our team by an order of magnitude.

If you know me well personally, please reach out directly. If you know me through a friend please click here and we can get started seeing if its a good fit. On a personal level, I have a huge preference to hiring people my friends can vouch for.

If you roll out of bed and bring your A game everyday, this is for you… If you’re bored with your job / life / future this message is for to you,  lets talk.  For most positions the company offers a; competitive salary, all the standard benefits, a flexible work/life ethos. If you’re the kind of person who knows they can help push this company higher everyday….aggressive bonuses and equity.

As a side-note; We have reserved some special perks for Bonefide-Superstar-Marquis level talent, for discussion when appropriate.

Wishing you each a wonderful weekend a great start to the year, LMK if you know someone I need to meet!!!!! - MW

Matt Wanderer | EpicMD CEO

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