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Game Changing Technology

  • Open API architecture for easy integration with EHR and practice management solutions
  • Data and communications fully protected and HIPAA Compliant
  • Cloud-Based: secure, scalable, and cost effecient
  • Seamless integration

EpicMD Solutions


  • Increase practice revenue. Get compensated for after-hours calls and earn revenue on all virtual consultations.
  • HIPAA Compliant. We value the privacy and security of all our users and only implement encryption protocals to assure data integrity.
  • Patient Queue. Our platform was designed to make you more efficient with a patient queue that provides you with insight into your work day.
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  • Convenient care for patients who are unable to make it
 to the office, yet need 
quality care.
  • Exceed patient satisfaction by offering on-demand healthcare.
  • Familiar workflow. There's no learning curve for patients as they check in and wait in the virtual waiting room similar to an in-office visit.

EpicMD Products

Our network of national Board-Certified physicians are available 24/7 to take on-demand virtual consultations and prescribe medications when needed.
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Delta has everything you need to virtualize your practice and create an additional revenue stream. The platform was designed to seamlessly connect you with your patients.
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Epic 5 Star Service Layer™

This is our "secret sauce". We have the greatest doctors on earth, and they are here together with a simple mission: To deliver the world's greatest mobile health experience. One that creates raving fans, the kind of fans that tell a friend just how great your healthcare service was and takes the time to give you (us) a 5 Star Review!!!
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After waiting 3 days to see my old pediatrician, my sister introduced me to her Dr. Waller at EpicMD. He was able to see me 7 minutes later on-line. He called in the medicine my daughter needed that same evening and was able to fit me in for an in-person follow up the next day. Amazing!

Jessie, GA

Sylvan Waller, MD

HealthShare Exchange™

EpicMD has created the world's first secure two-sided mobile care marketplace, where Physicians can earn additional revenue and become visible just by logging on and seeing patients from anywhere, at anytime. This cross coverage allows patients to receive the quality care they need, and Physicians to revolutionize the way they deliver care.
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What Our Members Are Saying


K.M., California

“My 4AM visit with the doctor was awesome! My 6 year old daughter had a bad cough with fever and the doctor called back in 20 minutes. He was very alert being that it was that time in the morning. Thank you for providing great care!”


J.B., Arizona

"My experience with the doctor was great! He really cared about my well-being and was very helpful. He spent more time with me than my PCP does.”


Emily T, Florida

"I'm a professional singer and had to leave mid-performance because I was violently ill. I realized that I couldn't reach my doctor on a a Sunday. Thankfully, I remembered EpicMD. I logged into my account and requested a video consultation/ It began within 20 minutes and the doctor diagnosed me with acute sinusitis and bronchitis."

EpicMD is for Physicians, by Physicians


“EpicMD has helped us provide the highest level of care for our patients by using the latest technologies for secure HIPAA compliant videoconferencing. They have made integration simple by helping my patients understand virtual care by removing decision-making barriers."

- Richard Boxer, MD
  EpicMD Chief Medical Officer